AceLiv, Your repliable IOT provider

Our Products

Aceliv main role as an OEM/ODM manufacturing provider, we have the full ability of hardware and software design and manufacturing ability in IoT, mobile broadband terminal and intelligent hardware. It optimizes solution cost both for minor clients and heavy buyers.

Our Services

Hardware Development

More than 10 years experience in the mobile communication and vehicle industries. Strong R&D ability in different platforms including Qualcomm, MTK, Broadcom…etc.

Software Development

We provide the full background interface protocols and API of MQTT, HTTP, FTP and WebSockets etc.

IOT Solutions

NB-IOT, LTE and WIFI M2M modules are the main modules products we have now, which can be widely used in the field like smart home and connected car solutions.

Production Delivery

We have the most powerful manufacturing services with Automated, qualified, production management system for high-quality, high-precision products. 

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