Telematics-based UBI

Telematics-based UBI (User Behavior Insurance) growth is being propelled by technology advances. It is through the use of telematics that insurers are able to collect driving data that better enable them to more closely link a driver’s individual risk with premium. Through UBI programs, insurers are able to differentiate products, gain competitive advantage, and attract low-risk policyholders.

Fleet Management

We manufacture integrated IoT Solutions to help your business innovate and build success. Aceliv can help you track the reallocation and improve Fleet Management, Remotely Monitor Ambient conditions and enhance Asset Management, manage inventory and sales process with Mobile Applications and connectivity solutions communicate with clients and prospects with Digital Signage and innovate in all the process to save time, effort and increase productivity.

Telecom Operator In-Car penetration

With our integrated IoT Solutions, Telecom operator can provide the mobile broadband services like in-car hotspot for the passengers and devices in vehicles. Meanwhile, partnering with our TSP partners, we can provide a suite of solutions that prioritize bringing new OTT services to market and keeping costs under control by minimizing CAPEX, investments and the integration effort.